Golf carts are quiet electric vehicles designed for smooth transportation and are typically driven on flat or well-maintained terrain. Preferred for transporting small groups of passengers over short distances, these come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate two to eight people. Because they are easy to maneuver and park, golf carts and similar small electric vehicles powered by golf cart batteries are popular for quick transportation around the world.

In addition to their traditional uses for driving golf courses, such carts have applications around the world in a wide variety of areas including tourist attractions, airport lounges, train platforms, parks and resorts, and more. Navigating closed spaces such as airports, where a small number of people need to be moved in a quiet and environmentally friendly manner, is quite easy with such vehicles.

Golfwagen & Trolley-Batterien

The rapid socio-economic growth in India over the past three decades has resulted in golf clubs and golf resorts growing in large numbers across the country as well. The use of golf carts has thus multiplied, and the resulting increased demand for such carts has caused the growth of a flourishing industry.

As the community of electric vehicle users grows rapidly, Exide Industries has continually contributed to the growth of the industry. With the needs and usage of the industry in mind, Exide currently offers three different models of golf cart batteries – 6C225, 8C150 and 8C165. All of these golf cart battery models are specially tailored to the requirements of the industry and are manufactured in Exide’s state-of-the-art production facilities according to international standards *. Tested for quality and performance, Exide golf cart batteries have set the standard in the industry and are considered the best on the market.

The CEIL 6C225 is the latest golf cart battery developed by Exide. It combines an improved high-density paste formulation and a unique glass mat separator for better positive retention of the active materials that ensure long-lasting, trouble-free battery life. The innovative compositions and state-of-the-art manufacturing process are the result of 74 years of Exide experience in research and development, manufacturing and field service. This new golf cart battery is designed and manufactured to perform at its best during deep cycles.

Not only are all Exide golf cart battery models suitable for golf carts, but they can power a variety of other similar vehicles such as floor cleaners and specialty electric vehicles.

Golf cart & trolley batteries

With golf cart batteries and golf trolley batteries from R&J Batteries you can move around the course. Your battery supplier for every application, R & J batteries deliver top tier products to deliver reliable energy and maximum service life that you see on the 18  th   hole again and again.

Find the best battery for your golf buggy or trolley from our range of AGM, lithium and 6, 8 or 12 volt lead-acid batteries. Available from any R&J Batteries branch in Australia and New Zealand.

Choose your premium golf batteries from brands such as, US Battery, Fullriver, Relion Lithium and the Predator AGM range  .

Golfwagen & Trolley-Batterien
Golfwagen & Trolley-Batterien

Choosing the right golf cart battery

Batteries Plus Bulbs has a wide variety of deep cycle batteries to choose from including AGM, gel and lead-acid models for your  club car  ,  Yamaha  ,  EZ-Go  ,  Cushman  and more. Advanced AGM and gel types offer a leak-proof design that gives you extra durability for long hours or bumpy courses.

Whether you are looking for a single battery for your personal golf cart or you  are managing many carts at a golf club and need multiple batteries, simply select the make and model and our golf cart battery finder will guide you to the best options.

How to Recycle Your Golf Cart Battery

Once you’ve got the perfect replacement battery, it’s time to find a home for the old one. At Batteries Plus Bulbs we are committed to protecting the environment by providing a safe disposal point for used batteries and lightbulbs. Each of our locations offers a drop-off point for recycling your used golf cart batteries as well as a selection of other battery types. Whether you need to get rid of a car battery or an entire fleet of vehicles, our recycling program offers a variety of options for personal and commercial needs.

Golfwagen & Trolley-Batterien

Top golf cart batteries

Keep your golf cart running at full power with golf cart batteries from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Purchase 6V, 8V, and 12V golf cart batteries to get the performance you need.


MOTOMASTER NAUTILUS group size GC2 6 volt deep cycle battery, 230 Ah

Pro Series Commercial Group Size GC12 Deep Cycle Battery

MOTOMASTER NAUTILUS AGM Gruppengröße GC2 6-Volt-Deep-Cycle-Batterie

MOTOMASTER NAUTILUS AGM group size GC2 6 volt deep cycle battery