Car batteries

In the automotive battery market, “Exide” is almost synonymous with batteries and has become a trusted brand name. For over a century, the ‘Exide’ brand has provided a wide range of compact power solutions in the country, including high-quality car batteries for commercial and private use. Most new cars and two-wheelers in India get their life going on an Exide battery. The diverse range of car batteries from Exide includes four-wheel and two-wheel batteries as well as those for heavy commercial vehicles and e-rickshaws.

Exide’s entire line of car batteries is manufactured in seven of its state-of-the-art factories across the country, making it the largest car battery manufacturer in India and South Asia. All of these factories meet the strict technical criteria of their customers, including the who’s who of the automotive world.

Exide’s Research and Development (R&D) Center in China is considered the country’s leading automotive battery research organization and has pending countless patents on its behalf. This dual benefit of working closely with global automotive giants and having its own advanced research laboratory keeps Exide cutting edge in technology and has helped the company become a technological giant in the automotive battery field in China.

In addition to concentrating on technical know-how, the brand also focuses on customer needs; and therefore each of its products comes with the unwavering promise of quality, performance and service support.

In addition to the automotive market, Exide’s range of car batteries is also in demand worldwide, including in industrialized countries, where they are sold under their own brand names.


  • New advanced special long-life corrosion-resistant PENTA ALLOY that improves corrosion resistance in service
  • Special paste formulation for positive and negative plates – longer life expectancy with outstanding charge absorption in service
  • Double clad polyethylene and glass mat separation – high reliability and longer life
  • Special Omega cover design with Venturi type chamber cover – excellent leak proof properties
  • Robust looks with attractive cosmetics
  • Long wet shelf life – no refresh fee required for up to 6 months from date of manufacture
  • Easy to use – batteries are delivered in a factory-charged “ready-to-use” condition



Eco batteries are specially designed for tricycle applications that require frequent start stops and travel on uneven terrain.

    • Robust design: a special polypropylene container makes the battery strong enough to withstand harsh operating conditions and harsh vibrations during operation
    • Special Hybrid Alloy System: Best suited for Indian environment
    • Double Clad Separation: Unique rib-free separator profile, reinforced with textured glass mat, provides surface support for the active material to improve service life and resistance to shock and vibration
    • Fast charging: Unique grid design, lower internal resistance and a special paste chemistry improve the charging capacity of the battery during use
    • Spark arrester – safety device: Microporous filter discs in the ventilation openings hold back acid vapors and limit the spread of sparks in the battery, which increases safety
    • Leak-proof design: Side-vented lid reduces the risk of electrolyte leakage during handling and keeps the surface of the battery clean



We introduce Exide Xplore. The only maintenance-free VRLA motorcycle battery with the X factor. Built with world-class Calcium Effects technology, it delivers powerful performance and withstands the tough Indian road conditions. Xplore comes with a 24-month pro-rata warranty, which includes a 24-month free replacement warranty.

  • The revolutionary gas recombination system eliminates water loss and makes the battery completely maintenance-free.
  • The leak-proof design protects against leakage even when mounted at an incline or at an angle.
  • The advanced lead-calcium technology leads to a low self-discharge.
  • Unique flame arrester ensures more security.
  • The AGM design offers superior starting power and better vibration resistance, making this battery the most reliable on the market today.
  • The permanently sealed VRLA battery is delivered charged at the factory.



The ubiquitous e-rickshaw has become a popular option for short distance moving in India’s urban and semi-urban centers. Because they are environmentally friendly, these electric rickshaw vehicles are now replacing manual rickshaws and are serviceable at very affordable prices. These electric tricycles not only serve as a transport solution for the huge Indian population, but also offer the operators a lucrative livelihood. The e-rickshaws are powered by robust, rechargeable lead-acid batteries – a segment in which Exide Industries is the undisputed market leader.

To meet this rapidly growing demand, Exide has carefully designed and technologically advanced e-rickshaw batteries for these electric tricycles. The E-Ride Plus is a specially developed robust battery that was developed after extensive research in the company’s Research and Development Center (R&D). Needless to say, the e-rickshaw has become a very demanding segment of the Indian auto industry and Exide has tailor-made E-Ride Plus with its many years of experience operating in Indian conditions. In terms of quality and performance, this Exide e-rickshaw battery – E-Ride Plus is far superior to the competition on the Indian market.