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Custom battery packs are designed and manufactured by for medical, military, industrial, and commercial applications. From single-cell to multi-cell series/parallel combinations with electronics (BMS) in a variety of customer-specific packages, we offer it all. Our combined engineering and manufacturing expertise allows us to provide OEMs with well-thought-out, cost-effective solutions.

If you need help developing and assembling battery packs, please contact us. You can get a quote today from the nation’s leading custom battery pack designer and installer.

Power options for custom battery assemblies

Lithium Batteries manufactures bespoke batteries in a variety of chemical types and configurations to meet our customers’ performance and size requirements.

Using a wide range of chemistry options, our technology independent engineers can create battery packs with primary or rechargeable cells.

The battery chemistries / technologies we work with include:

  • The lithium-ion battery
  • Polymer lithium
  • The lithium iron phosphate battery
  • The alkaline battery
  • Primary lithium
  • The nickel metal hydride
  • Cadmium-nickel

Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities for battery packs can be found in the links below. Lithium-Batteries can provide you with a quote for custom battery packs.

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Rechargeable batteries

Batterietypen und Überlegungen

Battery types and considerations

Tailor-made battery packs for every application

All of our battery assemblies are designed with reliability, safety, and manufacturability in mind. Our battery assembly solutions are powerful, economical, and reliable because we use the latest computerized electrical and mechanical design tools.

We can help you custom design battery packs to upgrade or improve your existing application, or we can develop a completely new battery pack assembly solution to meet your needs. Regardless of the industry or application, we can provide a complete, bespoke energy solution.

A set of drawings, specifications, and prototypes for your custom battery pack are provided to the customer for review and approval before production begins, as well as to facilitate development and validation.

Contact Lithium Batteries today for your unique battery pack design, production, and battery assembly needs

The design and manufacture of custom battery packs has been an area of excellence for Lithium Batteries for many years. Our battery pack assembly solutions cover a wide range of industries and applications. Find out more about our custom battery packs or request a quote.