Battery solution & application

We design and manufacture lithium electric vehicle batteries as well as lithium energy storage products for many types of applications.

The following table shows the application that batteries are used in, along with the typical battery capacities required by the application. The Battery Types section describes the wide variety of batteries available to power these applications.

Type energy Applications
  Miniature batteries 100 mWh-2 Wh Electrical clocks, pocket calculators, implanted medical devices (mostly primary cells in small button cell packs)


  Batteries for portable devices 2 Wh-100 Wh Flashlights, toys, power tools, portable radios and televisions, cell phones, camcorders, laptops, memory fresheners, instruments, cordless devices, wireless peripherals, emergency beacons (mainly secondary cells such as NiCad, NiMH and lithium-ion and some alkaline primary cells)


  SLI batteries
(start lights & ignition)
100-600 Wh Cars, trucks, buses, lawn mowers, wheelchairs, robots (mostly lead-acid batteries)


  Vehicle traction batteries 20-630 kWh EVs, HEVs, PHEVs, forklifts, milk swimmers, locomotives (NiMH and lithium)


  Stationary batteries 250 Wh-5 MWh Emergency power supply, local energy storage, remote relay stations, communication base stations, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). (Mostly lead acid with lithium which has gained some popularity recently)


  Military & Aerospace Large selection Satellites, ammunition, robots, emergency power, communication (fuel cells, nickel-hydrogen, water-activated batteries and other alternatives)


  Special purpose 3 MWh Submarines (mostly lead-acid batteries)


  Charge equalization batteries 5-100 MWh Spinning reserve, peak shaving, load balancing (various lead acid and lithium plus alternatives)
Batterielösung für Golfwagen

Battery solution for golf carts

The new generation of LiFePO4 golf cart batteries helps your cart to drive smoothly on various golf courses or courses.



Public or private places all need quiet surroundings and fresh air. Our LiFePO4 batteries help your sightseeing vehicles run quietly and without air pollution. At the same time, your labor costs are saved and work efficiency is improved.



This is intended for local transport.
Our LiFePO4 batteries help your industrial trucks to lift and transport goods efficiently with less effort, especially with heavy loads. Labor costs are also saved.



E-boat / ship is a very environmentally friendly means of transport for people or nature.
Our LiFePO4 batteries do not cause any environmental or noise pollution.